Green glazed beeswax ceramic candle
Green Glazed Ceramic vessel candle lit
Green Glazed Beeswax Ceramic candle lit on table

Ceramic Vessel Unscented - Green Glaze

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100% pure beeswax in a ceramic vessel accented with green glaze. 

Item #861

Size: 3.3"x2.25"

Warning: Vessel is hot while lit and in use. Please avoid touching until after extinguished, when wax has completely cooled and solidified.

25 hours 

  • Always trim wick to 1/4" before lighting 
  • Burn for at least 3 hours each burn to prevent tunneling.
  • To prevent excessive smoke and wick charring, extinguish wick by using a tool to dunk the wick in the wax pool and return the wick to an upright position.
  • Always burn on a level surface and NEVER leave unattended.